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Precautions for wood-plastic floor installation

2019-12-05 18:51

1. Due to the high density of the wood plastic material itself, drill holes should be used in the position of self-tapping screws, and then self-tapping screws should be fastened.

2, the requirements of fixed keel: the installation face is smooth, no potholes, keel spacing L in 300mm~350mm.

3. For the paving of a large area of wood-plastic floor, it is recommended that the length of each wood-plastic floor is not more than 2 meters.

4, edge processing using wood plastic plate B10-140 or B16-70 other metal edge strip, according to the height of the floor keel will be B14-140 or B16-70 cut to the required height, fixed. Edge wood plastic material tapping screw spacing in 400mm~600mm.

5. For the paving of the wood-plastic floor on the bend, both ends of each piece of wood-plastic floor should be cut according to the length and Angle of the bend before paving.

6. Wood plastic floor paving of the steps. For the Yang Angle of the steps, it is recommended to use metal laminate to protect the wood plastic floor.

7. During use, please avoid the impact or collision of heavy objects. During the storage, transportation and installation of materials, please pay attention to proper handling to avoid damage from falling from high places.